Wexcoin is first fully supported Proof of Stake Digital Currency

Wexcoin is a simple way to accept payments or enable buying from almost anywhere – in your mobile app or online.

We use mobile apps like this trading bot that trades bitcoin autonomously wihtout the user's direct involvement in the trade and other online methods to simplify the way you make and accept payments for goods and services from anywhere buy paying with wexcoins.

Wexcoin is type of carbon coin. Every transaction with Wexcoin creates revenue that goes to either purchasing Carbon Credits or helping replantation initiatives around the world. 

With us, you will get to help the environment while growing your business and improving your lifestyle. Wexcoin cannot be traded directly on a few of the exchanges. In such circumstances, it can be acquired using any major cryptocurrency, such as BTC, ETH or a fiat currency, such as the Canadian dollar, US dollar, or Euro, on other trading platforms. Unlike Wexcoin, Bitcoins may be exchanged on a variety of platforms and even by trading robots. Visit the Bitcoin Era site to learn more about a top-notch trading bot that can help you make high profits. 



Business Tool
Coins can be managed through the Desktop wallet or through Wexapp
Advanced Support
Full support for all users provided through Wexapp free of charge
Network Develompent
Our users control the Wexcoin network through the Staking process

Wexcoin is first fully supported Proof of Stake Digital Currency

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  • icon Buy and sell on the Exchange
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